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What started as a project in 2001 soon turned into a main focus in the work of the young pianist: performing on toy pianos. Since then Isabel Ettenauer has become recognised as one of the leading lights amongst the young performers in today's new music scene.

Isabel Ettenauer's toy piano performances hold her international audiences spellbound. The way she shares her joy and love for the most innovative compositions fascinates and makes not only specialists but also a broad world wide audience listen to new music.

More than 40 new pieces have been created for Isabel's project THE JOY OF TOY.
There are pieces for multiple toy pianos, pieces for toy piano and voice, pieces for toy piano and tape, and pieces with theatrical aspects. Even the grand master of spatial music, Henry Brant, has composed a piece for Isabel which also involves a mandolinist to be placed at the back of the hall.

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