the joy of toy

New Music for Toy Piano

toy pianos, voice & devices

edition eirelav 001
released 2005

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In June 2006 Isabel's debut album THE JOY OF TOY was awarded the PASTICCIOPREIS of the Austrian Public Radio "Österreich 1", in cooperation with the Viennese weekly newspaper "Falter".

On her debut album Isabel wanted to present the diversity and richness not only of toy piano music but of the music of our time. The album consists entirely of world premiere recordings of works written for Isabel Ettenauer. Although from more than three different generations, the selected composers have one thing in common: their unique musical language, which is also revealed by their music written for toy piano.
For this recording Isabel used six toy pianos of her collection of 17, with a range from 10 to 37 keys. 

1  Karlheinz Essl: Kalimba [for toy piano and playback]

2  Vanesa Lann: Is a bell... a bell?  [for two toy pianos / one player]

3  Rob Smith: Schroeder's Revenge  [for toy piano]

4  Geoff Hannan: Cover Versions  [for four toy pianos / one player]

5  Lydia Martin: Wonky Inside!  [for toy piano]

6  Stephen Montague: Almost a Lullaby  [for toy piano, music box and wind chimes]

7  Tom Johnson: Kleine Choräle für kleines Klavier  [for toy piano]

8  Joe Cutler: La Maison de Fred  [for speaking, singing and whistling toy pianist]

9  Henry Brant: Lebasi & Eirelav  [for toy piano & mandolin]