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education :: workshops for performers/teachers

Isabel Ettenauer offers a number of workshops for young performers as well as for piano/instrumental teachers.

Exploring the Contemporary Piano
In this workshop Isabel introduces exciting new music in an accessible way. This workshop is intended for interested students and teachers. Participants will learn about many extended piano techniques (such as prepared piano, playing inside the piano, clusters etc.) and will be presented with a varied repertoire of diverse structure and notations. Performers are also invited to bring works they have prepared before, which will be discussed by Isabel.
The duration of this workshop can vary from a one-off session to several days, including a recital by Isabel at the beginning and a participants' recital at the end.

New Kids' Piano
This workshop presents a variety of new piano music written for kids and young students. It is of special interest for piano teachers and intended to help them find their way into new music easily. Starting off with new compositions of a more traditional style the presentation later explores more unconventional styles and techniques.
Having worked with piano students of all ages and abilities for the last nine years, Isabel is aware of the curiosity and impartiality of young people. They usually love to try out new things, besides playing a traditional repertoire.
The New Kids' Piano workshop encourages teachers to explore new areas in the wide field of piano music, and to share these experiences with their students.
Duration: 1-several days
Follow up material including list of compositions and publishers available.
Involvement of young students possible.

In her Cage workshop Isabel gives an insight into the world of this exceptional composer of the 20th century. Cage is especially famous for his prepared piano, for his 'silent' music, for his aleatoric pieces (for example using the Chinese I Ging for composing) and his opinion that 'all sound is music'. All this and much more is being explored in this workshop. Isabel likes to start with a performance of Cage's Opus Magnum for prepared piano, his 'Sonatas and Interludes', followed by a workshop of 1-several days. Participants may also bring prepared pieces for discussion.
Follow up material including list of compositions and Cage literature available.

A combination of these workshops is possible.

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