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the pianist :: Gold.Berg.Werk

A new project of Isabel's is Karlheinz Essl's Gold.Berg.Werk in the version for piano and live-electronics. 
Gold.Berg.Werk is an interpretation of Johann Sebastian Bach's Goldberg Variations BWV 988.

Bach's variations are confronted with electronic sounds that are played between groups of variations, bridging the gap between the sound world of the Baroque era and the sonic reality of the 3rd millennium. The electronics are based on the harmonic progression of the fundamental Aria. Composer Karlheinz Essl plays the electronic part on a specially developed computer instrument in realtime. 

ISABEL: "Back in December 2011 I heard an amazing performance of Karlheinz Essl's Gold.Berg.Werk in the version for string trio and electronics, performed by ein.klang.wien and the composer, at the wonderful Schoemer Haus in Klosterneuburg. It was one of the most impressive concerts I had heard in my whole life so far. I guess it was the confronation of Bach's original music (though in the adaption for string trio) with new sounds that seemed to have come directly from heaven. The cathedral like foyer of the Schoemer Haus of course was the perfect setting for this, as the building has wonderful acoustics and made it possible to place loud speakers far above the audience. 

Soon after that very special night I developed the desire to play this work myself. So I suggested a version for piano and live-electronics to the composer, as the piece was only played in versions for string trio and harpsichord so far. Karlheinz was delighted and started to think of new ways doing the electronic part in a piano version. 

It took some time to get this project started but finally we will premiere Gold.Berg.Werk in the piano version at the Barockfestival St. Pölten." 

Isabel performed the premiere of this work together with the composer at the Barockfestival St. Poelten, June 19th, 2014. You can the final part of this concert here